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Relationship problems after birth 1st, second child

Relationship Problems after Birth 1st, Second Child the birth of 1st child brings the storm in the relationship, because it is the sign of great changes in the lives of the couple. Every married couple waits eagerly for the birth of 1st child, but not less than the earthquake.

The first pair experiences raising a child. After the birth of 1st child, the couple has to obtain the child's responsibility, if your mind is ready for it or not. In short, the birth of the baby brings 1st excitations between the wishes of relatives and friends, along with the fear of future difficulties increases relationship problems.

Becoming a father often puts strain on the relationship of husband and wife. The couple has to share her time with a newborn baby. A little baby cannot understand anything. With the help of parents, the baby begins to learn several things. Parents have to care for the baby until a certain time until then have to remain always near the baby. Sometimes, problems are created in relationships between couples. They are become unable to spend quality time together. They have to skip family functions. While someone has no time for himself, then he becomes the victim of depression and anxiety, as a mental disorder. To resolve this issue, both husband and wife should divide the work equally and must be programmed in such a way that will not affect any and life will go smoothly, as it was before the birth of a baby.

Relationship problems solution after birth 1st, second child

A lonely child by his brother always demands to eliminate loneliness. Often the couple decides for second child with his own family or desire. Having a second child is directly indicate that parents now have to share their time between four people (including parents). The specialist in children always suggests keeping at least one year of the gap between the two children. This helps better parents of both children. However, in reality, one year is not enough time. Children always need care and appropriate care if they have sufficient time difference. If the second child is receiving full attention, then the feeling of jealousy at first would occur. Not good for the family. Sometimes, it becomes a cause of relationship problems. For a simple resolution, think seriously before planning for second baby. If you want some tips to handle situations, kindly send a formal email about the baby.

Do you think birth control only brings happiness in the family, unfortunately, it is not right. It can cause relationship problems. While one party thinks about birth control, and another, I do not want something will happen, then the problems will certainly occur in the couple. Hoping girl or, couples are directed to each other. One denies it and other forces to achieve more. Some women with professional guidance to avoid having a baby a few years. They use some types of pills that prevent couples of a child. Usually, it puts stress on the relationship. Having pills for a certain period can stop pregnancy. But if a woman has long, then some opposite result may have to deal with it. A woman can focus on his career after pregnancy. A high score conversation on this matter between husband and wife is the best way to avoid the relationship problems generated through control methods baby.