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Spells for protection

Spells for Protection This is an extremely powerful and face protection for a loved one has a hundred of use and in its basic form, and is easy to adjust to suit your needs. These spells If the rules in the dark. No design spell damage or force or influence other people are much prohibited. This kind of spells is used to protect a person, or the casting machine or others, or a house from the grim impact or karma of other people. This type of spells can be useful if you put enough faith and energy. protection spells are invaluable for personal protection, our friends, family, loved one, home, travel, services, capital, health, pets and large other people or things that influence dear. These spells can also be about you out of danger.

spells property protection can be useful, whether they feel exposed on their property or not. Such spells are not only used to keep negative energy and evil spirits out of your property (store house), but can also help in creating a barrier against physical threats and damage as well. All protective spells gain extra power if cast on a Saturday, a land controlled by Saturn, which is known to rule over the links, protection and defensive magic day. As for the ritual, which has some options - select the one that suits you.

Will need:

  • The lemongrass
  • Sage
  • Approximately 1/3 of a cup of rosemary, sea salt (1/2 cup) and lavender / clove
  • A vacuum or a broom
  • incense Dragons Blood (if available) / Sandalwood

Spells for home protection

This is a spell to protect your home from demons or evil spirits that might damage it. This ensures that every time works for everyone. Seal your home from any influences. his unwanted or negative spell of magical protection, and also on page easy spells due to their integrity.

Salt and garlic together and put a pinch of that in every windowsill and gateway to your home. If you can bring any opening that would be optimal. Both salt and garlic are potent protective magic. This Spell is very useful to protect your home.

A spell of protection charms used in an element of choice. The types of protection spells for charms used on crops and different magical traditions vary according to what is perceived as a magical threat each culture or tradition. All acts of negativity now arrival. All that cheap shot to send my way on their own volition domain grip. All deals, thoughts and creating hatred become its own chosen destination. All depends huge, and the worlds of wide sea and deep blue sky day and night, and 7 powers.